Prisma AccessPrevent threats and safely access cloud applications, everywhere

Your cloud-enabled organization, secured

Rapid adoption of cloud applications is creating a paradigm shift in the way organizations think about security. How do you control access and protect data when neither the application nor the user is on your network?

Prisma Access provides protection straight from the cloud to make access to the cloud secure. It combines the connectivity and security you need – and delivers it everywhere you need it.

Consistent security

Prisma Access delivers no-compromise protection against cyberattacks, with consistent enforcement of policy at every location. Comprehensive, automated protection stops known and unknown malware, exploits, credential theft, command and control, and many other attack vectors across all ports and protocols.

Global connectivity

Now you can support your global connectivity requirements without having to set up and manage your own points of presence in data centers. Built in the cloud for the cloud, Prisma Access provides coverage for your branch offices, retail locations and mobile users around the world through its connectivity layer. Prisma Access supports all ports and protocols for branch-to-branch, branch-to-HQ and branch-to-user applications, making connectivity simple.

Scales with your business

The Prisma Access cloud architecture makes your security flexible, agile and scalable. License and use the capacity you need and add more as necessary. As your business needs shift, Prisma Access can automatically handle scaling so you have coverage in all the right places. Even as your organization changes, such as through a recent merger or acquisition, you can quickly onboard a new site under common security policy.

Deploys instantly

Avoid the logistical problems of setting up, operating and shipping hardware appliances around the world. With Prisma Access, you can deploy your protection globally, in minutes instead of months. Policy changes are implemented in the cloud so you no longer have to push changes and commits to the edge. The rapid time-to-protection helps organizations address tight timelines to cut exposure to risk, meet management goals and adhere to compliance deadlines.

Featured integrations

Cloud adoption is driving changes in WAN strategies. As organizations adjust their branch connectivity to support direct-to-internet connections, many networking teams are offloading or replacing their MPLS connection with SD-WAN. Make sure your SD-WAN strategy is secure, and take advantage of the integration with Prisma Access to address your cybersecurity requirements.

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