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study shows 163% ROI.

Explore the operational efficiencies of our software firewalls.

Suddenly, AI-Powered Threats Don’t Seem So Intelligent

Cosmos out-innovates adversaries with AI, providing faster and more accurate detection of threats to prevent patient zero.

Network Security Summit

Where Insight Meets Innovation

Join our live virtual event to uncover the future of the modern network security
Enable Zero Trust Network Security to get simplified security for thousands of branch offices.

Protect Kubernetes Containers

Keep cloud native applications nimble and secure with the industry’s first ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) built for Kubernetes® environments.
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Gain visibility and control in Kubernetes environments

See how the CN-Series helps security teams and developers secure containers.

Discover native Kubernetes integration

Flexibility allows firewall provisioning into application CI/CD processes.

See the CN-Series in action

Why wait? Our team of experts is ready to provide you with a personalized demo.

Size and scale – in minutes

Get unmatched flexibility with credit-based licensing so you can size and scale security to match rapidly changing requirements.

Seamlessly deploy firewalls into DevOps workflows

Seamlessly deploy firewalls into DevOps workflows

Container traffic is growing by leaps and bounds – and it’s probably part of your network infrastructure. Or will be soon. Our CN-Series containerized firewalls prevent network-based threats in Kubernetes environments.

Prevent exfiltration

Prevent exfiltration

Block suspicious activity and prevent exfiltration with full outbound traffic content inspection, including encrypted SSL traffic and traffic originating from containerized applications. CN-Series firewalls can inspect all outbound traffic originating from a containerized application – and halt inadvertent access of suspect websites and command-and-control servers.

Dynamically scale without compromise

Dynamically scale without compromise

Enforce Zero Trust with Threat Prevention. Discover Layer 7 visibility and control and protect east-west traffic between pods in different trust zones (such as two namespaces) or between pods and other workload types.

Keep the latest threats from breaching your network

Keep the latest threats from breaching your network

Defend against malware delivery aimed at container exploits and vulnerabilities, including variants not yet seen in the wild, through custom-built signatures based on content instead of hashes.

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Automated deployment

Leverage Kubernetes orchestration to issue a single command for deploying firewalls on all nodes in a cluster at once.

Extend network security

Get constant and consistent Kubernetes network security to stay competitive and boost regulatory compliance.

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