Suddenly, AI-Powered Threats Don’t Seem So Intelligent

Cosmos out-innovates adversaries with AI, providing faster and more accurate detection of threats to prevent patient zero.


Industry-leading coverage against DNS-layer threats

Gain 40% more DNS-layer threat coverage and disrupt 85% of malware that abuses DNS for malicious activity without requiring any changes to your infrastructure.

Network Security Guardians: Staying Ahead of Attackers to Protect the Digital Realm

Join Paolo and his team as they protect the digital realm and stay ahead of today’s attackers.

Secure Your DNS Traffic

Benefit from industry-first protections against today's most sophisticated DNS-based attacks.

Unparalleled protection from DNS-based threats

Unparalleled protection from DNS-based threats

Through groundbreaking inline deep learning algorithms that predict and identify new and advanced threats, DNS Security protects you from even the most sophisticated DNS-based attacks.

Comprehensive visibility into your blind spots

Comprehensive visibility into your blind spots

Take advantage of industry-first ML-powered protections to prevent the most advanced DNS-layer attacks from exploiting your network and stealing your data.

Instantly block malicious domains

Instantly block malicious domains

Identify millions of malicious domains with real-time analysis and continuously growing global threat intelligence.

Native integration with your NGFW

Native integration with your NGFW

Simply turn on and manage your subscription through your NGFW without having to reroute your DNS traffic or work through lengthy change management processes.

Flexible deployment options

Flexible deployment options

We offer flexible deployment options for those who use a proxy to secure their DNS traffic.

Learn how Palo Alto Networks DNS Security solution can stop attackers from abusing DNS for malicious activities like data theft, command and control, phishing and ransomware.
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40% more DNS-layer threat coverage than any other solution

DNS Security gives you real-time protection, applying industry-first protections to disrupt attacks that use DNS. Tight integration with Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls gives you automated protections, prevents attackers from bypassing security measures and eliminates the need for independent tools.

The industry's most comprehensive DNS security solution

Learn how Palo Alto Networks DNS Security stops the latest and most sophisticated DNS-layer threats.

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Secure Shield

Stop attackers from using DNS against you

Find out how to protect your DNS traffic with a holistic approach to network security.

Industry-leading DNS protection

Benefit from unmatched threat coverage with DNS Security through predictive analytics and ML-powered detections.

  • 7B

    malicious domains blocked in Q2 2023

  • 40%


  • 6X


DNS security made easy

DNS security made easy

Connect with one of our experts today to find out how to secure your DNS traffic against sophisticated threats.

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