Stop Malware in its Tracks
Stop Malware in its Tracks

WildFire® utilizes near real-time analysis to detect previously unseen, targeted malware and advanced persistent threats, keeping your organization protected.

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Block Sophisticated Attacks
  • Block Sophisticated Attacks

    WildFire combines machine learning, dynamic and static analysis, and a custom-built analysis environment to discover even the most sophisticated threats across multiple stages and attack vectors.

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  • Inline ML stops rapidly changing malware, such as ransomware, and fast moving threats instantly on the firewall with no required cloud analysis, no damage to content, and no loss of user productivity.

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  • Available globally to meet strict data residency and compliance needs, WildFire can be consumed as a public service as well as deployed in hybrid and air-gapped environments.

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2021 Unit 42 Ransomware Threat Report

Find out how to identify top ransomware threats, which industries are targeted and what the future of ransomware holds.

Beyond Traditional Sandboxing

Unknown threat analysis and prevention at massive scale
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Automatic Protections at Cloud Scale

Cloud-based architecture automatically delivers preventive measures learned from our 42k+ customers in seconds to your network, endpoint, and cloud environments.

Multi-Stage Threat Prevention

Unlike other solutions, WildFire can follow several stages of an attack, unifying analysis across both web and file vectors to prevent multi-stage threats.

Integrated Logging, Reporting, and Forensics

Users receive integrated logs, analysis, and visibility into malicious events, enabling security teams to rapidly locate and take action on the data.

Focus on what matters most

Adopt a prevention-first posture that automatically detects and prevents unknown threats
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  • Unique Malware Samples
    16B +

Native Integration. Increased Security.

Integration regardless of the form factor


  • PA-Series physical firewalls


  • VM-Series virtual firewalls
  • CN-Series container firewalls

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