Enable safe web access for all users

Safeguard your organization from web-based threats

Go beyond web protection basics

URL Filtering enables you to safely use the web for business needs. Go beyond basic web filtering by identifying threats through a unique combination of static analysis augmented by machine learning.

Automated protections are always up to date and block access to malicious sites that deliver malware or steal credentials. Site risk ratings take the guesswork out of policy creation, enabling you to easily block or apply granular control to risky sites. Advanced capabilities, such as credential phishing protection, extend your firewall policy, minimizing attack exposure while keeping web security rules simple.

Use machine learning to protect your business

Harness machine learning powered by global threat intelligence to accurately categorize and block URLs used for malware delivery, command and control, and evasive phishing


Deliver advanced protection

Use risk ratings, multiple URL categories and other critical security characteristics to enable granular policy enforcement. Easily take decisive action by turning on SSL decryption, file blocking or strict threat prevention profiles based on the risk level of the URL.


Maximize efficiency with next-generation firewall integration

Eliminate the need to deploy and manage stand-alone tools for web security, radically simplify rules administration, and protect users without sacrificing the speed of web-based applications.

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Preventing credential-based attacks

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