Remote access VPN has been an enterprise network staple for years, and for many people, the phrases “remote access” and “VPN” are synonymous. However, enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud applications that are changing the requirements for security and networking. Network and security teams are asking about how to secure access to all applications—not just those in the data center.

In light of these new requirements, is remote access VPN still relevant today, or is it time to reevaluate the role of remote access and use a better architecture? 


GlobalProtect Datasheet

GlobalProtect extends the protection of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform to your mobile workforce, no matter where they may go.

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Palo Alto Networks delivers security to protect SD-WAN environments. GlobalProtect™ cloud service provides a unique, cloud-based environment that adapts to the dynamics of SD- WAN to stop threats and enable access to internal and cloud-based applications.

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Simplify Zero Trust Implementation Using A Five-Step Methodology

Building Zero Trust networks is actually simpler than building legacy networks. This 5-step methodology makes deploying Zero Trust networks manageable, cost effective and non-disruptive.

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