Making Zero Trust actionable

Develop a holistic Zero Trust plan that is capable of supporting and protecting the business of government.

Smart investments for getting ahead of ransomware

Gain insights from state and local governments on strategies for combating ransomware.

Zero Trust

Rebuild and simplify security. Reduce risk and complexity. Zero Trust with zero nonsense.

State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program

A key provision of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that provides funding for states and localities to address cybersecurity threats and risks to their IT networks and systems.

Secure citizen data, government services and operations in an era of digital transformation

Meet your cybersecurity needs with automation, comprehensive visibility and actionable security across hybrid and multicloud environments.

Strengthen security

Protect against sophisticated threat actors with actionable security and rapid response.

Secure your cloud

Secure infrastructure, applications and data across hybrid and multicloud environments.

Optimize IT

Deliver a consistent and streamlined cybersecurity foundation for digital government.

Palo Alto Networks is StateRAMP Authorized

Palo Alto Networks is StateRAMP authorized for Government Cloud Suite (GCS-High), which includes a wide variety of cloud-based cybersecurity offerings and demonstrates our commitment to providing public sector entities the tools and support needed to operate securely in today's digital landscape. As your organization moves forward in its modernization efforts, it needs trusted cybersecurity solutions that will reduce the risk of data breaches while meeting compliance. This extensive suite empowers state and local governments and educational institutions to consolidate their security efforts, proactively address cyber threats, and ultimately strengthen overall security posture.

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Where are you on the journey to Zero Trust?

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Hear from our customers

See how Palo Alto Networks has helped state and local government customers
prevent successful cyberattacks to keep critical date safe.


Your federal cloud journey

Automating cloud security and mitigating risks can be a struggle when moving workloads to the cloud. Find out what important challenges must be addressed.

Embrace 5G securely

Expand broadband and 5G securely to underserved rural and urban communities with confidence.

Combat ransomware

Understand the ransomware threat landscape and learn how to bolster your defenses against it.

See how Palo Alto Networks embarked on its Zero Trust approach

The Palo Alto Networks journey to Zero Trust demonstrates the art of the possible.
Through automation, we’ve been able to achieve a 10-second mean time to detection and a one-minute mean time to respond to high-priority alerts.

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