The Endpoints of Today, Secured Against the Threats of Tomorrow

Cortex XDR: The Future of Threat Detection & Response


Stop Stealthy Threats with Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Organizations need enterprise-wide visibility to quickly identify, review and respond to attacks. It’s critical to invest in solutions that scale beyond endpoint data collection to get the coverage you need to stop tomorrow’s adversaries. Learn why you should move beyond legacy endpoint security solutions and traditional EDR to build the future.

Cortex XDR

Harness Next-Generation Antivirus That Keeps Learning

Constantly evolving threats require an adaptive defense that is always learning.

XDR-based endpoint protection combines AI-driven malware analysis, behavioral protection and closed-loop prevention, allowing you to continuously learn from past detections to improve future prevention capabilities.

Cortex XDR

Increase Signal. Reduce Noise.

Your analysts might miss real threats if they're buried among countless false positives.

By applying machine learning to integrated endpoint, network, and cloud data, XDR boosts detection accuracy and cuts down noise. XDR examines an incident from every angle to determine the source of an attack. Alerts enriched with threat intelligence allow you to stop attacks before the damage is done.

Cortex XDR

Benefit from Cloud Scale and Agility

Good data is the foundation of powerful analytics and machine learning capabilities. You need to gather and integrate massive amounts of data from across your environment and retain it for weeks to power learning models that detect anomalies in your data and uplevel forensics investigations.

Cloud-delivered Cortex XDR provides the scale, agility and speed you need to build out these analytics capabilities and truly outpace attackers.

Cortex XDR gave us the ability to take in data feeds from both the firewalls and the endpoints and get truly actionable intelligence. That’s what we wanted. It’s a cohesive strategy. I don’t think there was anyone else in the market at the time even close to having that kind of one-vendor solution. Palo Alto Networks had the vision, and what they promised is where we ended up.”

Michael Braid, 
Infrastructure Manager, 
Auto Trader Group

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