Secure the mobile workforce

Extend protection to your mobile workforce, no matter where they are

Organizations are scaling their business by enabling mobile workers across the world to use any device to access business applications and data. With users and applications moving to locations outside the traditional network perimeter, current endpoint antivirus and VPN technologies have proven to be inadequate to stop advanced threats. This leaves security teams challenged with maintaining visibility into network traffic and keeping the mobile workforce secured.

GlobalProtect extends prevention capabilities of the Security Operating Platform to mobile workers, regardless of their location. By leveraging next-generation firewall capabilities, GlobalProtect provides greater visibility into all traffic, users, devices and applications. You can extend consistent security policies to all users while eliminating remote access blindspots and strengthen your security.


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Request your Security Lifecycle Review (SLR)

The SLR examines your network traffic and generates a comprehensive report unique to your organization to help you discover the applications and threats exposing vulnerabilities in your security posture.